How to Save Money on Groceries

save money on foodWith the price of food increasing dramatically, everyone is looking for ways to make those food dollars stretch. Use these tips to get more food for your money.

  • Check Your Circulars. Basing your weekly menu on what is on sale that week will save you a lot of money. To further stretch your grocery budget, combine sales with manufacturer and store coupons. This is called Extreme Couponing and is the best way to build your food storage for pennies on the dollar.
  • Stock Your Pantry. When you find an item your family uses regularly at a price that is significantly less than its normal price, purchase more. Stocking your pantry will save you a ton of money in the long run by never having to pay full price for your staples.
  • Retail and Drug Store Groceries. Retail stores like Target and KMart have grocery departments with items that are often 50 cents to $1 less than at the local grocery store. Drug stores frequently have the staples (eggs, milk, bread) at a reduced price to entice you through their doors. Sales on other items vary, but shopping outside the grocery store can save you money each week.
  • Buy Local and Save. Support your local farmers and butchers and buy from them directly. Not only will you get fresher meat and produce, the food will taste better and frequently it will cost less than buying them from the grocery store.
  • Frequent Buyer Cards. Sign up for a membership card to your local grocery store. This will ensure you get the best prices each week on their store items. Always get one and always keep them with you. They are FREE after all.
  • Coupons. Use coupons wisely. To maximize your food budget, look for coupons for items your family uses regularly and stay away from coupons for items you use infrequently that required you to purchase more than one in order to get the discount. Unless those infrequent items are already on sale at the store, you will frequently save more money buying a competitors item (or generic) on sale than the overall price you pay when using a coupon.

Come back soon for more money saving tips!


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