Common Ingredient Substitutes

substitute ingredients

Have you ever started a recipe and found that you do not have one of the ingredients needed for your dish?

What do you do? Do you stop and run to the store for that item? Do you knock on a neighbor’s door and borrow the ingredient from them? What happens to the food while you are getting that ingredient?

When I come across this problem, the first thing I do is fire up my computer.

I start reading through articles and recipes looking for alternatives to the ingredient I am missing. Sometimes I improvise, but you never know how it will come out then.

Recently, I was making fudge and realized I only had evaporated milk but needed condensed milk. Instead of running to the store, I searched for a recipe to convert evaporated milk into condensed milk.

Along the way, I found this amazingly useful conversion chart for many of the items we use in our baking and cooking. I hope you find this as helpful as I did.

Common Ingredient Substitutions Article –


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